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Subject: blind folded and ditched
Date: 2018-11-09
To: Everyone
Message: #2
no one to care a little boy named Oliver Twist as he was put in a
hostel where he eats only rice gruel and doing all the hardships like
bending and folding sheets of steel and went on doing this for a long
time in his life and after 20 years he gained the love from a lady and
started his married life for a while and after which he has to go on
pulling the poles in a small village where he was paid very little
money just to survive and he goes on putting heavy liabilities to the
head of the society in that village and found his way out only to
support a few days in his left out living and tries to hide some how
manages to even escape and trail behind a vehicle so that he could
reach a city where he could struggle hard a living without money to
spend for his survival and finally winds up his floor mate and goes on
to sleep for many decades with extra mile to spend in his lifetime. .

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