Subject: வல்லினம் மெல்லினம் இடையினம்
Message: #2
this infer sth that ought to be seen in real world where eth is beyond
our imagination or not that is doubtful in the context of love passion
and devotion moreover this function of human nature could be conferred
to the loss and difficult time of ones life. the almighty knows what
to do in this juncture of ambiguity may be leading to a life of
extinct and far away from this world...
Message: #1
மூவினம், s. The three classes of consonants--as
வல்லினம், the six hard sounding consonants--as க்,
ச், ட், த், ப், ற். 2.
மெல்லினம், the six soft sounding consonants--as
ங், ஞ், ண், ந், ம், ன். and 3.
இடையினம், the six middle sounding con consonants--as
ய், ர், ல், வ், ழ், ள். - dictionary