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this one from the bottom of ky heart so as to say that every part of
the medicine taken at will seems to cure the after-effects after a
long time of illness but for the difficult time it passes through may
be attributed to karma n karya bandham to be odtained in this decade
and so...
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ever to see the nature with naked eye appears to be late than never
and it has got to go cause even a little cure matters much for simple
human beings and ultimately ever to cherish the time taken to fully
cure and benevolent to all may be this kindness teaches one to be
careful and watch the time bound to existence of life on this earth
and beyond .. .
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parents and teachers have to learn from children..a program conducted
by Dr.Arasu on 22nd July, 2018 at ATTUR
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when is this after-effects taken to become aware of the made to last
longer and its duration of healing-effects may be much longer than one
can spot out which is a long time benefit one has to cherish and enjoy
one's life time and see the beauty of nature for a long time so that
no match can be found in the next few decades or so...
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just like anything can happen to the after-effects of long term
devotion and love pattern before which is unlikely showing up just
like beforehand but definitely going to be shown so that it hangs out
to one n all may be seen as an after-effects of all the treatment done
so far...
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simply good to be not bad is the best treatment for any body seeking
better cure from a doctor of well-known and no detachment from the
cure that is predictable even in the starting stage and it can prolong
for a while till the date of detachment itself taking its course of
time to cure and get better in shape and mind so that this kind of
thoughts do not occur to a person of long thinking and going to a land
of vast cultivation and modernization ever to make ...
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Treatment always is the best from this Doctor as he has visited more
than 50 countries and served as a pioneer of psychiatry from India and
there is match for his approach and his treatment is far excellent as
he has seen more than 10,000 patients in his career as a Doctor and
has the ability to see your psychiatric problems well and treat you
with the best medicine.- Dr.T.K.Arasu
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every cure seems to be okay to the limit of the illness owing to the
long duration of the treatment and the approach had been very
effective and no after-effects has been in sight and ever with due
respect and kindness and love. this may take up many hours of long
pondering over and reaching no limit of total silence.Selfie