Subject: Make a journey for a healthy mind in day-to-day life
Message: #3
even under the worst case one could think of leaving home and reaching
a place of eternity but eventually there is no destination of eternal
bliss because there is no limit for enjoy and give up this world or
sacrifice one's wish and staying in this world for a long time to be
alone and taken care of by some means and this could lead to a point
of exhaustion and no where one could think of to reach the point of
escalation so think twice before leaving and lost forever...
Message: #2
this day lasts for a while but we remember it for a long duration so
that this day does not fade away and just to say that this day is good
for all the mankind owing the facts discussed before are going to be
brought into light for whatever reason you might come to know because
this is the nature of all things going exist in the near decades...
Message: #1
A journey will be completed only with a sound mind and this mind will
prolong for a while in day-to-day life. So why are we waiting for a
journey to begin? Make it today.
God Bless !!