Subject: achieved enough to dispose the undisposal
Message: #3
a few more things to accomplish before making a dive to take a deep
breath and see several things to appear before everything to go...
Message: #2
engaged in the day-today life with full concentration on the work to
be accomplished in the next few months with no worries about the
world-wide so that it does not stop the work with worries that
obstruct the way the world turns out to be nowhere near the edge of
unaccomplished effect of the work that is put in so far and we could
see the future with no mind to see...
Message: #1
whatever means it could take to achieve a cause that will benefit the
world-wide is to give and take from nature. this way it is well known
that the means are abundant and the only way to utilize them is to go
for an extra mile so that it is achieved ultimately and forgot