Subject: devotion n anger
Message: #3
however used to be an expert in a field of his interest, there is a
bottom line imposed by the nature and one can not cross that point
owing to the same factor which is unseemly available for study so far
and then again one goes to an extra mile just for the sake of break-up
events that occur occasionally and periodically and endlessly...
Message: #2
how hard you may try it is difficult to understand the nature but for
the rare aspirations owing to the fact of the bottom line the nature
teaches one to go through the same factor which is always making the
nature to suffer and recup from there to a point of acclamation and
far away from it... 
Message: #1
how much one love may turn out to be anger remaining in the end of a
day or else it could be the sorrow that is going to be filtered out of
it altogether so that life is ultimately one that is fading out at
last and no one can stop it from the effect of long standing issues
that creep in owing to the ever fact of long last is never possible
because of the nature itself tells you that it has to go one day or