Subject: hurry to go beyond and transcend
Message: #3
maybe this could be the last call for a workspace to be let alone and
lonely to be put up in the earth and finally there is no such a thing
called nature but for the understanding of the nature itself going to
brain drain at the cost of loss of identity and all that are found in
this group of blogs will be nothing else and once for all to go....
y card
Message: #2
whatever means 0ne could try to achieve his goal and devote his time
and efforts so that the ultimatum can not be reached owing the very
fact that the nature does not repeat just for the sake of well-being
of everybody to know the facts by ordinary means as always it has been
the well-known fact ... 
Message: #1
owing to the loss, insecure and no sight there are many facts that
needs to be addressed in the decades or so. may be this will be the
last call to go beyond and transcend for the sake of the well-being of
every living forms do not look back or even think of such a thing....