Subject: integrated mesh-like no-clue or identity
Message: #5
what next and where is it going to rain may be a question in a
situation that was mediated well to a suitable thing or otherwise this
kind of awkward situation should not occur so as this might throw a
change in nature that is not admissible or it will taken care of in
the next generation ...
Message: #4
return from the dragon is simple to carry forward with confidence and
trust but for the worthiness the facts that needs to be addressed in
the short while from now on and so much ado about nothing ie. maya
committed to demonstrate its acts under the earth playground sounds
good doing the very factual reasonable after its return from the
Message: #3
enter the dragon is not a process deviates from the day-today
life-style of god himself dictates to do an affair long waited so that
the universe can see that the natural process of making generations to
come alive vaazhai-adi-vaazhaiyaga...many things appear to show its
fruits after they are cultivated well owing to very existence of ever
lasting god himself...
Message: #2
noting beautiful than realization of things that can emerge in the
decades to come or rather it is the seemingly beauty of nature itself
taking its shape to shine in the future decades ir so ...
Message: #1
it is disappearing as ever one could see the encumbersome can vanish
from earth and it is clean and taken away by the swipe of the wind
adhoc and no scene of the things that can emerge in a decade or so