Subject: mind vs mind
Message: #3
always better to be known to people whom you are depend with so that
things will not fall apart or back before anything unwards takes in
place of what one could not otherwise need it in the newr and dear
ones may be unlikely to go far away before realizing the loss of the
much awaited and waited longings or wish that do not take place to
give the things that might enhance the life-style of the people around
Message: #2
well good things happen once a while so that the nature of good or bad
takes away the fruits of thinking for the sake of the survival of the
godhood himself being perceived as the source of all creations in this
Message: #1
nothing seems to be bad as it comes to mind games. only one thing to
avoid is that one has to give away passion and greediness. mind does
not possess memory so that one can think back after that. mind does
not exist when it comes to the point where one can think positively.