Subject: sangiyam sadangu sambiradhayam
Message: #3
every drop of painful and sorrowful feelings goes away without the
single sign of or disappear from the bottom of the thing long pondered
about as always the thing expected to fade away and disappear into the
dark side of nature so every body is protected and not let alone and
the sufferings goes away at all and farther more...
Message: #2
one may be feeling like thrown out of water or the surrounding may not
fit his level of understanding and the almighty might think in a way
so that the complete system may not work at a time of need and it goes
without saying that the ever growing nature is put up with the limits
of the hands tied up and nobody is to surrender their property or
fortune if at all there is a need to captivate and over-indulge into
owns belongings...
Message: #1
no one held for violating the law of the community in which one lives
long for his survival of fitness owing to the ever lasting and ever
growing and trending nature of the business world and it is good also
to be involved or excluded from it so that the non-sense of violation
of code of conduct and discipline may be protected over a period of
time and effort...