Subject: time to sleep again for two decades
Message: #3
one could think of living without thoughts if the desire for anything
is so arranged well and live a life of half human and half animal and
even god himself teaches you to take up the task of well-being of the
kind human beings in this world and beyond so cared that nothing turns
up against the will and conduct of god himself searching to find out
the nature of this world and beyond.
Message: #2
it is always better to take rest a while after a long break of
activity so that it could benefit the entire mass and may be this
could be the final say for all the good things to emerge in the future
decades after a period of total silence to happen after a while...
Message: #1
all is well and fair. no need to think back anymore as everything got
settled and it is time now to sleep again for two more decades as the
sun shines on me day after day it is going to be dark even more so
that everything settles on its own course of time as one can see
several things in his lifetime and many miles to go before final