lost what could not be lost but ...     better too late than never     science of human relationship     recovery has been well done!     this is how one finds his life spent     this is only a combo operation success!     sentry missing     finally i lost what could be never lost     never ending story     deprived n run-away     Self Wellness     deviate from nature and blessed by god     payback your virtue     The sole that comes from America!     sugam,subham,sontham     sangiyam sadangu sambiradhayam     devotion n anger     new image and shining forever     telecommunication vs thinking long     a revolution not forgotten     Living dream coming true     A race n zero coins     24 hour call to submit report     Eco-system is in effect     வல்லினம் மெல்லினம் இடையினம்     Edugai Monai -tamil grammar     ever green n blue as you like     schedule n resilience once for all     man n machine     hurry to go beyond and transcend     wandering n struggling to grow n enrich     integrated mesh-like no-clue or identity     consideration is an art of devotion and love     spending days at home atlast     Cultural break-through not desirable     Vanish in thin Air     all is fine and doing fair     may be this will the last of all kind of things that will emerge !     forgive forever to relinguish     read my true story as and when my emotional intelligence flourished     mind vs mind     happy to CUSEEME     happy moments after tearful sorrows     there is something behind what we see     Make a journey for a healthy mind in day-to-day life     where do u want to go today     The Verdict - once for all     The Final Countdown - What is forgotton     A long time illness never recedes     The much ado about nothing !     live even though hazardous     all is well but for the rest of immortal     live without food and damn it out !     long standing benefit doubles down ?     time to sleep again for two decades     -:arasu:-simply the best doc     climatic change is required for a change     facts undisclosed ever     meet some courageous people     so long and wishes     the ultimatum has reached !     we want the world is changed     free access and total control     சுத்தமாக துடைத்துவிட்டது !     clean slate !     a place of eternal bliss     Goal is not the complete thing     never ending issue faced by oneself     it is the time of my life-Aug 1988-May 1990-New York, USA     what do u aspire for in the next decade?     achieved enough to dispose the undisposal